A cool, dim room; The sound of thunder rumbling in the distance;
Feelings of well-being envelop you as quiet meditative music & a light aroma lingers in the air.

Warm hands placed on your back, applying scented oil,
massaging away all stress & tension accumulated outside.

You focus on the moment,
your breath, your senses,
as time slowly comes to a standstill...



is a collective body of sensual massage therapists with one vision -
"Sharing superlative sensual massage experiences with the world!"



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A detailed write-up of a 1-on-1 sensual massage
A detailed write-up of a 2 guys 4 hands sensual massage

Your mind, body & soul.

Meditative Sensual Massage (MSM) combines both mindfulness meditation and sensual massage to touch your mind, body and soul.

It is a unique experience greater than the sum of its parts.

Your active participation in an open, welcoming, non-judgemental and body-positive environment provides the foundation for truly amazing mental, physical and spiritual experiences!

Mindfulness meditation.

The practice of being fully present in each moment.

Being fully observant about what is happening around you, to you and within you - while maintaining an open and positive mindset.

Immersing yourself in the *now*, so that you can live each moment as fully as possible.

Sensual massage.

A physical body experience that engages all senses, with emphasis on touch, smell, sound and even taste. Sight, as our dominant sense used in daily life, is de-emphasized - this gives our other senses a chance to be exercised and utilized more fully; Enriching our awareness, experience and enjoyment of each moment.

Sensual massage aims to engage the mind through the body; Firstly, by building trust and releasing tension, followed by activating desire, arousal and cathartic release. 

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