The Experience

Typically, we start in a cool, dim room; A luxurious & comfortable environment with lights, sound, scents tailored to provide a relaxing & rejuvenating encounter.

Note: We now have a detailed write-up of the 1-on-1 sensual massage experience,
and a
detailed write-up of a 2 guys 4 hands sensual massage experience - check it out!

Beyond that however, Meditative Sensual Massage is a tailor-made experience designed for you and takes into account many factors:

  • Your prior meditation experience if any.

  • Your comfort level engaging with the therapist, especially for initial sessions.

  • Your body's response type to physical stimulation (e.g. Whether you are ticklish; Your sensitivity to touch; Sensitive / Erogenous areas etc.).

  • Your body's orgasm profile (e.g. Multi-orgasmic; Single orgasm with over sensitivity; Single orgasm with reduced sensitivity etc.).

  • Your interest in exploring the meditative or sensual elements of the experience.

A baseline experience is described below, with the caveat that personalization of each session would mean some deviation from what is described below.


A room suitable for meditation and relaxation is an essential aspect of the experience, especially for initial sessions. The room should be prepared in the following manner:

  • A clean, uncluttered room with minimal adornment.

  • A queen or king sized bed - a large bed is preferred to remove any restrictive feelings.

  • Cold / cool temperature - if you are comfortable being fully naked, a cool room will suffice. If not, a colder temperature may be required for comfort.

  • Dim / mood lighting - lights are dimmed to aid in focusing, to reduce our dependence on sight and to increase comfort level for those that are body-shy.

  • Meditative music and / or white noise generator - sounds of rain, thunder, water flowing playing quietly in the background can help train our auditory sensitivity.

  • Light scent diffused into the surroundings - a light scent helps to train our olfactory sensitivity and can help to relax the body and mind.

The Session

The session itself is structured in the following manner, however after the initial sessions, the therapist may shorten or lengthen different sessions as required for maximum benefit.

  1. Pre-session Consultation - Critical for initial sessions, this consists of explaining the process, establishing trust, developing mutual understanding, discussing special requests, etc. Please fill out our standard consultation form to help guide you in this process.

  2. Mindfulness Meditation - Begin by calming the body and mind and focusing on the present. Depending on your experience with meditation and your preferences, this segment may be guided, shortened or lengthened as required.

  3. Massage and Sensual Exploration - A massage begins this segment to help relax the body and mind. Slowly, sensual massage and sensual exploration elements are introduced, building and enhancing arousal and desire.
    A Yoni massage may follow.
    Massage vibrators may also be used to help stimulate various parts of the body. At some point, the arousal reaches a climax and depending on your profile, one or more orgasms may ensue.

  4. Aftercare - After the massage and sensual exploration is over, we rest for awhile and replenish any fluids lost. A nice warm tea awaits. Hugging, cuddling or simple skinship may take place. A time of post-release quiet and reflection is observed.

  5. Post-session Feedback - Feedback is important to ensure that follow-up encounters are customized to your profile and are best-placed to assist you in enjoying the benefits of each session. Please fill out our feedback form after your meditative sensual massage experience to give us feedback for improvement as well as submit reviews to share with others!


Subsequent Sessions

Subsequent sessions are meant to help realize greater benefits of MSM; Many of the benefits take time to develop and build upon previous sessions. A session guide below highlights the general progression of sessions and their primary purpose:

  • Sessions 1 to 3: Building trust, open channels of communication and develop mutual understanding.

  • Sessions 4 to 6: Refining and personalizing your experience based on information gathered in sessions 1 to 3.

  • Sessions 7 onwards: Exploring new boundaries - perhaps you'd like to develop or push your experiences further in a specific direction; something intrigues you and you would like to try it out - now is the time to take things further!