Unlike standard massage which is a passive activity, preparation is encouraged to make the most of each session. Much initial preparation is in your mental state and expectations.


Initial sessions

For initial sessions the key to unlocking a great experience lies in your mindset and in building mutual understanding / comfort level with your therapist. As such you should take note of the following:

  • Prepare questions beforehand that you would like answered. No question is taboo or off-limits. We have a standard consultation form to help guide you in this process. 
  • Share openly and fully your expectations and comfort level in terms of clothing worn during massage etc. (In general, MSM is performed with the therapist clothed, the recipient fully unclothed).
  • Come with an appropriate mindset of open-minded, non-judgmental exploration.
  • Come with an expectation of active participation (MSM benefits from your active mental engagement).

Subsequent sessions

For subsequent sessions as trust is built up, do take note of the following:

  • Come with an expectation that sessions may not always be exactly the same - as your mindset changes and comfort level increases, what is appropriate for you will change.
  • Continue to openly discuss and share with your observations and expectations; Discuss how these expectations could be met or enhanced.