Profiles is a collective body of sensual massage therapists with one vision -
"Sharing superlative sensual massage experiences with the world!"

At present, the bulk of our therapists are based in Singapore. However, we do have long term plans to open chapters, collaborate and list profiles all over the world.

Do note that as a collective, we are open to listing therapists that acknowledge our code of conduct and meet a minimum number of reviews per year, averaging a 7.5 rating or greater. All therapists / masseurs listed will also have to be interviewed by either the founder or co-founder.

However, the site makes no additional representations for listings below other than verifying identities and contents shared in the profile writeups.

Founder: Mike

Mike is the site founder and passionate about sharing the joy of sensual, tantric massage with everyone (yes you too!).

He is an intellectual, body-positive, non-judgemental individual always looking to share amazing moments with new friends.

You can read a little more about him here.

Co-founder: Pothos

Co-founder: Pothos has more than 8 years of informal and technical training as a masseuse.

Pothos loves making friends with like-minded people and he's always open to learning and sharing with others.

Find out more here.

Associate Masseur: Steve

Associate Masseur: Steve is an associate that has been practicing and providing MSM to many lovely ladies over the past 6 to 8 years.

He truly enjoys helping ladies unlock their sensuality and to re-align them to appreciate their own bodies and sexual pleasure through MSM.

You can read more about him here.