Hey there!

I’m glad to meet you. My friends and family know me to be a very introspective person. Since a young age, I’ve found myself wondering on what is life truly about and how best can I live it.

I desire to live in a way that brings meaning and positively contribute to the life of others. I subscribe to the concept of abundance living where all good things ought to be shared and that openness, honesty, and positivity should be defining aspects of oneself.

A guiding principle of my life is “Ikigai”, a beautiful Japanese concept that translates into “a reason for being”, which I express through massage.

Massage expresses how I can positively give back into the lives of people and through sensual massage, help them to (re)connect with the most intimate parts of themselves. It is my passion, my mission, my profession, and my vocation. I hope to one day, do this full time with a shop of my own.

Lastly, I always am on the lookout to meet new, interesting, and like-minded people. I would love to share and listen to your stories, beliefs, thoughts, and life experiences. It’s amazing how life can take us on unforeseen journeys when we start to connect with one another.


How did you become interested in MSM?

Here I am in action - let me share this moment with you!

Here I am in action - let me share this moment with you!

I started as a massage therapist during my teenage years for two reasons. Firstly, my family and friends had constant aches and, being someone that likes to help others, I decided to learn how to make them better. Secondly, I found that I was really good at it - I had a natural gifting for understanding and appreciating the human body, its nerves, muscles and anatomy.

After becoming very proficient with multiple styles of massage (Chinese, Swedish, Balinese, Thai, Deep Tissue, etc), I wanted to further challenge myself and came across the concept of sensual massage, which society assigns negative connotations to. Some might think that practitioners, and clients, of sensual massage services are seedy, perverts, or shady. Whilst that may be true as some do abuse it and improperly label what they do, I beg to differ. I believe strongly that Meditative Sensual Massage (MSM) has the ability to powerful impart life experiences, provide a deeper understanding and love of one’s own body, whilst simultaneously alleviating the body’s aches, tensions, and needs.

Why do you practice MSM?

Many ladies have shared with me countless stories of their sexual experiences as well as their view on their own body. Common themes amongst these stories are how body image issues and insecurity are at top of the list, made worse by messages we hear every day from the media. Any lady who’s more sexually adventurous, liberal, or open minded is labelled as a slut or a whore, which is ironic considering how some of these guilty parties at the same time, advocate for sex and body positivity. This leads to many ladies not knowing their bodies, what they find a turn on, and physiologically speaking, what is pleasurable on different parts of their body and/or to orgasm.

Another common theme amongst these stories is how ladies often feel pressured to “give” pleasure during sexual encounters but the inverse is either untrue, or there’s a lack of knowledge on how to do that. My hope is that through a MSM, a lady can first and foremost feel that they can be in a place to completely relax and be prepared to receive all the love, care, and attention that is being showered upon her, and adopt that as her own that she may experience a more fulfilling sex life.

Along the way, I observed that most sexual encounters are either lacking in foreplay or has an overly large emphasis on reaching orgasm, whilst appreciating the sensuality of the moment is often neglected. Also, many women seem to be uninformed about their own bodies; their pleasure profiles and orgasm profiles; many women are also not comfortable with their physical nature. MSM is an approach to help bring positive change to all of the above. 

Why / How did you decide to collaborate with Mike?

I decided to join Mike after a series of conversations, meetups, and skill sharing/massage demos that we conducted together. Through it, I realized that we both share a deep passion for massage, want to improve our skills, and offer something positive and different back to people. Most importantly, we share the same philosophy, both in terms of massage and life.

Can I have your personal details/pictures?

As much as I’m comfortable sharing more about myself, I’ll leave the sharing of personal details for when I get to know you better as a person. If we’re comfortable with one another, I certainly don’t mind exchanging pics.

Regardless, I can be contacted via Telegram/Kik/Wechat/Line and even Fetlife via the user “pothosd”. Alternatively, if you’re into emailing, feel free to drop me an email at pothos.d@outlook.com. I certainly look forward to hearing from you, we can meet over coffee, lunch, or drinks.

Lastly, I’m happy to connect with any individual who has a passion and/or an interest in massage. I believe in sharing and learning from one another, there’s always much to improve on, especially when people work together!


17 Sep 2019 - 7/10


10 Sep 2019 - 9/10

Great. Sensual part is excellent.

11 Aug 2019 - 8/10

I enjoyed all of the physical aspects of the massage. I felt very relaxed afterwards and slept very well. Mentally though, I've only experienced that with people I'm dating or in a relationship with so I realized that the intimacy part was missing.

It helped me realize that I do know and understand my body fully and my mental confirmed that what I'm looking for is a deeper connection with another human being since I'm already fully aware of myself.

10 Jul 2019 -  10/10

This is my second session with Pothos. As usual he was great. It was relaxing and just heavenly! Pothos brings you to another world.

Aside from this, I had wonderful interaction with him. This laid the foundation of building trust between us before and after the massage. I am looking for more sessions with him. A witty person with "Magic fingers" indeed!

19 Jun 2019 -  8/10

I will said every women is allow to endure this sensation massage. Pothos is great, he will make sure what is the level of acceptance and what things need to avoid before we start the massage, he is very gentlemen and not pushy. He did teach me to mediate before the massage session, which can release my tension. The soft kiss from my back and the bliss breath during the B2B session, when we have the skin contact which really bring me a lot of sensation. No doubt the yoni massage help me to explore my A spot and G spot. Photos really have a gifted hand which make me orgasm and squirt simultaneously.

The back massage is superb, the strength for every points is just nice and I like the bone cracking sounds to relax the tense shoulder and back. The tempo for the sensual massage is so nice, everything just flow so smooth and so naturally. Pothos is so great, we kiss unconsciously. I love the B2B session the most, there is a lot of sensation when skin contact with each other and I can feel the connection and energy from him.

This is the best birthday gift to my self, I really enjoy the session!

6 Jun 2019 -  10/10

The whole experience was intimately professional throughout, boundaries were respected & assurance was given beforehand. Its the journey, not the destination that matters. The body to body was exceptionally erotic, it really helped set the mood.

3 Jun 2019 -  8/10

He made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. He respected my needs and boundaries.

20 May 2019 -  10/10

Pothos was amazing! He delivered the best massage a woman could have asked for. He did not rush through the process and ensured that every little moment was enjoyed by the receiver. He also took time to know his clients before moving on by talking to them.

Aside from providing awesome massage and soft kisses down your body (which leads you to heaven... trust me), he is someone who also provides listening ears.

Thank you once again for assisting in my journey to self-discover myself!

17 Apr 2019 -  10/10

I had experienced a few firsts with Pothos. Such as him introducing the magic WAND, and his vagina massage was on point. He even make me squirt too.

Overall, Pothos was a true gentleman, and made sure I was comfortable and made sure to ask where the boundaries lie. He was not pushy, and gave real life examples of other ladies' experience and that helped me feel better.

He made sure I was comfortable and showed me how I can trust him with a little rough play (which was fun!). Finally made me squirt that easily!

11 Mar 2019 - 10/10 (2 Guys 4 Hands - Mike & Pothos)

I walked in to the session with really high expectations and kind of skeptical of the two guys four hands massage, as I've tried the regular sensual massage with Mike before and that for me was already AMAZING and mind-blowingly good, so I was really wondering how the two guys 4 hands massage would top that experience I had! And I'm pretty sure everyone's heard the phrase "don't expect too much or you'll end up disappointed", but boy not only did that not happen, the two gentlemen surpassed my expectations and brought me to ecstasy at its very finest - without the need of anything other than fingers, lips, tongue, teeth (some biting <3) and their trusty vibrator ~

Once I got to the room they started off briefing me on what they would be begin with, and going through some things that will or might happen; ensuring my comfort then setting up the room with lights; spraying this heavenly scented thing; sterilizing the handy vibe; setting the bed and all, and once everything was done it was massage time!

Their massage on its own was already ideal, with the right pressure points and right pressure, amazing almost perfect synchronization (99.99% synchronised 0.01% deducted because of a small imbalance of pressure for a brief moment), great technique and perfect flow!

I could literally fall asleep right there and then, if not for their strategically planned moves - it felt like they made sure their fingers were hitting every single sensitive sensual spot on my body naturally, with the flow and, keeping me dripping wet the entire time before the yoni massage even started! Especially with four hands on your body it makes you feel like you're the most loved and pampered pet / brat / baby / queen ever!

And don't get me started on the yoni massage... it was exceptional... beyond words!!! It was ecstasy in its purest form!!! Thinking of the session after a day and I am still quivering from the mind boggling Orgasms (plural because I lost count of the times I came & squirted but a little cutie counted for me and it was probably 10 or so hahah) I had experienced. I was really thankful I had a long chat with Mike before, so he knew my preferences well enough - he decided to add anal stimulation into the mix while giving a yoni massage! Thank god there was 4 hands - I never knew I could ever experience such overwhelming overload of pleasure in the best damn way... I was a wet mess at the end of the session! But I felt completely liberated, relaxed and stress free finally!

The whole time that the massage was going on till the moment we had to part ways, nothing felt rushed or had to end abruptly. It was at a really comfortable flow, and after everything Mike and Pothos took the time to stay, cuddle, kiss and bring me back to reality gently - which I greatly appreciate!

From all the times I've talked to both gentlemen, it's really clear as day that both of them are really really professional and passionate about this amazing art, and because of their passion for MSM it 'shows' itself during the massage. You can literally feel the amazing connection with them at that moment, for an hour or two of ecstasy, followed by a few days up on fluffy cloud nine. An experience you can never get at a traditional massage parlour!

A (2 guys 4 hands) sensual massage is something I strongly believe everyone needs to try out for themselves once in their life! It's the best stress relieving remedy I've ever tried (and I've tried MANY), forces me to take a break from my hectic life, brings me to stop for a moment to relax, gave me the energy to move on with the ton of things I've got on my plate at the moment and gave me the luxury of another person's loving touch and connection (without having to get into a serious relationship or being too emotionally invested with someone new, when I'm not ready and don't want to; and yet, not feel like a one night stand where all connections and contact are cut off the next morning).

Especially with two guys and four hands, I can't say this enough but I literally felt like a pampered pooch and queen!

5 Mar 2019 -  10/10

Hola, I had my second sensual massage session - this round with Pothos. His approach was strong, with his wonderful hands that unlocked the knots on my neck and back. And rubbing over my legs, I loved the deep, strong strokes which intensified the pleasure. I felt extremely at ease, and sexually charged especially when he leaned forward closer, breathing down my neck and back. And as he pressed against me with all his manhood, my heart raced faster.

He had a great way of communicating, through his wondrous touch and narrative way of communication. I loved the way he got me breathless, with his fingers gripped firmly inside my vagina. It was beyond amazing how I felt naturally turned on when he kept giving me orgasms; I squirmed with body arched and squirted and, moaned in deep pleasure everytime he prodded inside me.

Pothos has sexy lips that was soft and thick, that could make me twitch at the slightest trace from it over my body! All this was so sexy and pleasurable, but especially how he held out for a long time when he gave me a thoroughly enjoyable happy-ending. Pothos is as powerful as they come. He is a force of nature, naturally gifted and the one to watch for!

27 Feb 2019 -  7/10

I had a good experience of sensual massage with Pothos… He was friendly… respectful…

For Yoni masssge… I orgasm multiple times… Squirt is shiok… Make mi sleepy after tat… Had many wonderful moments….

16 Dec 2018 -  8/10

The masseur was very professional and respectful. He respected all my boundaries and made me feel very relaxed from the very start of the massage. Highly recommend him.

15 Dec 2018 -  10/10

Pothos was very patient and understanding about what I want. Made me feel comfortable and relaxed so that I can really enjoy all the pleasures. I can even squirt for the first time of my life. I like the body to body contact/massage. Makes it very comfortable and intimate and arousing at the same time.

16 Oct 2018 -  10/10

It was good. Felt extremely relaxed after the session.

Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Pothos is very approachable even outside the bedroom so it was easy to be comfortable with him. Thank you for the wonderful time!!! again again!!!

7 Oct 2018 -  10/10

Very sensual & great experience

6 Oct 2018 -  8/10

As this was my first time to do a sensual massage; left it to the therapist to do and explore whatever and wherever that he may deem fit based on his experience.

3 Sep 2018 -  8/10

This time yoni massage was abit weird because it was almost due to that time for the month for me so I'll probably have to try again. Haha

23 Aug 2018 -  10/10

Enjoyed the session thoroughly and it was a most sensory experience without neglecting the massage element .


22 Jul 2018 -  9/10

I had my first yoni massage session with Pothos on Wednesday night. He had a chat with me before the session started, gave me a heads-up on what was going to happen and how would the massage be conducted.

After the chat, I was left alone to disrobe while he went to change in another room. When he returned, he started with full body massage. I really enjoyed myself. I felt relaxed and almost dozed off.

He moved on to the yoni component during the last part of the massage session. I was kind of shy as this was the first time I allowed a male stranger (well, I only knew him for less than 2 hours!) to insert his fingers into my vagina. However Pothos was very professional. He’s not a pervert who’s trying to get into ladies' pants. In fact, he was more focused on how I felt whenever he changed the thrusting/massage motion. I am the type who finds it hard to reach orgasm. But I’m glad I still managed to cum. Pothos is not someone who keeps looking at the clock as he does the job. He’s more concerned if I’m benefiting/enjoying the session.


11 Jun 2018 -  10/10

Had a sensual massage by @pothosd on Friday - he's really good at what he does, genuinely listens to and respects your wishes, and is open and communicative. Oh, and he made me cum pretty hard HAHA.

Ladies, if you want to feel respected and relaxed, you should think about getting a sensual massage. This is not a sponsored post, I just think it was a really great experience to lie back and have someone else pleasure me so holistically.

After talking about boundaries, he talked me through what was going to happen during the session and then gave me some time to change.

We started with a traditional massage on my back (using the most wonderful lavender scented oil!) and then a sensual massage on my front - with just the right mix of firm and gentle touches - before moving downwards for a pussy massage, which I never thought I needed till I had one hahaha.

After the massage my body felt much more relaxed and loose, and my mind felt clearer too.


2 May 2018 - 7/10 (2 Guys 4 Hands Trial)

In another opportunity with Mike & Pothos, I was able to be their test model for their 4 Hands Massage trial session. While they still had room for improvement (i.e. choreographing a smoother massage routine that flows better altogether & to better exert similar pressure together), having someone massaging your upper back and legs at the same time was awesome man!

Both of them were receptive to feedback and were passionate in exchanging pointers with each other for better coordination during the massage experiment.

The overall experience made me feel like such a queen in their hands and I would seriously recommend it for all of you to try it out once they have perfected their routine! 


17 Apr 2018 - 9/10

It was my first time having a massage of any kind, let alone a sensual massage, so I had to make sure I knew what was in store for me by asking Pothos all sorts of questions; i.e about his experiences & how does it work etc. He responded with honesty and clarified any doubts with assurance that there will be no pressure to continue or whatsoever if I were to feel uncomfortable at any point of time during the period of the massage.

Right before we began, Pothos went through a breakdown of the full 2 hour session & discussed about boundaries with me once more in a professional manner.

Throughout the massage, he tweaked the pressure accordingly to my request as I was feeling rather ticklish & had quite a low tolerance to pain at some certain parts of my body. For most of the time though, his touch was still in a right mix of a firm yet gentle kind of pressure.

As for the sensual massage… It was unexpectedly great as it made me more aware of my body than I already was. My sensitivity was gradually heightened as well which was a very welcoming eye-opener for me. Pothos knew what he was doing exactly because I felt like I was being tuned like an instrument in his hands & was slowly melting in pleasure!

Overall, it was such a comfy and calming session that we didn’t realize 3 hours had passed! My body felt softer afterwards; like less tense than before and I was feeling very relaxed to the point that I wanted to doze off immediately after the session ended.

I highly recommend Pothos not just because he is skillful but also, he is an understandingly nice fella who is respectful and trustworthy.