2 guys, 4 hands sensual massages


I've decided to do a combined post with my co-massage therapist about an interesting variation of sensual massage - that is, a 2 guys, 4 hands, ultra-decadent and hot variation! ;)

This post contains instructions for the basic 2 guys, 4 hands massage process - feel free to try it out and give us feedback on what's described here!

1. Matching Expectations - Firstly, it's important for all parties involved to be in sync about the sensual massage itself - matching expectations (about what will occur and what might occur) as well as any boundaries to note between all individuals involved.

Note: For more advanced sessions (e.g. blended sessions with some BDSM elements) - safe words may be discussed as well, but for a basic sensual massage itself, generally not necessary.

2. Ambience - As with any sensual massage - ensure the room is conducive to relaxation - scent, lighting, music, ambient temperature etc. You may refer to earlier posts on 'An overview & quickstart' as well as 'Sensual massage resources' for more details.

3. Co-ordination - it's extremely important for the two people performing the sensual massage to be coordinated and in sync. Ideally, with less chatter and operational speech - everything should proceed smoothly without much interruption.

Pressure wise, if two people are doing massages based on a left-right mirror image, the amount of pressure used, type of massage movements, and pace must be coordinated as well. Somehow, the body is more sensitive to discrepancies in left/right mirroring and is more forgiving when the activity is split top/bottom instead. This is why many of the massage positions used in our routine are split top/bottom instead of left/right.

4. Process - We share a suggested order or progression for a 2 guys 4 hands massage here. Feel free to improvise and experiment - much of what can be done depends on the actual dynamic during the actual sensual massage itself - so after a few rounds of practice, don't be afraid of deviating from the routines listed here.

In general, keep movements slow, smooth and measured - always avoid jittery, uncertain motions that will distract the person receiving the sensual massage.

Note: We'll be using (A) and (B) to identify the two persons giving the sensual massage below.

At the beginning of a down-stroke

(A) Shoulders & upper back
(B) Lower back & upper back

First, we begin with a calming back massage - as illustrated, one person occupies the top position, and the other, the bottom position. Move your hands together, keeping them all in a horizontal line. All 4 hands should be moving in the same direction covering as much of the back as possible.

One person will have his hands on the inner back, and the other person will have their hands on the outer back. When in contact with the inner back, use heavier pressure, and use a lighter, more sensual touch on the outer back and sides.

When both of you reach either the butt or the upper most shoulder region, switch the persons doing the inner / outer back. I,e, in the illustration above, (A) is moving down, when reaching the butt, (A) will move his hands to the sides and (B) will move his hands to the inner back. They will then move upwards along the back in unison. In short, (A) and (B) will alternate movements within the described rotations.

If this is your first time giving sensual massage to the recipient, do check if the pressure given is sufficient. Painful pressure point massage is not appropriate and pain - especially sudden, unexpected pain (e.g. changing pressure too quickly) is to be avoided.

(A) Lower, upper back, neck & shoulders
(B) Left and right feet & calves

Next, we split the sensual massage into top/bottom positions. We continue to massage the back as it is one of the key non-sexualized pleasure zones. Many people tend to have back/posture issues and the sensual massage helps to correct this,relieve tension, as well as relax the entire body.

Do not skimp or shorten back massage segments as it helps to build comfort level and trust with the person receiving the sensual massage.

As (A) gives the back massage, (B) will start to do the feet and calves. As (A) is not able to see when (B) is completing his foot and calf massage, (B) should tap the back of (A) when switching from one leg to other or when halfway through this segment. Synchronize appropriately with minimal speech.

(A) Left inner thigh
(B) Right inner thigh

The upper thighs are done in a left/right mirror fashion so care must be taken to keep in sync.

First focus on the hamstring areas, and avoid the more sensitive region of the inner thigh. Only after several rounds of massage of the back of the thigh, should both parties move into the more sexually-charged inner thigh region.

At all points, avoid touching the private parts at this juncture. Titillate and tease, and keep the desire building up! Early contact of the private parts will cut short the sensual play elements in the sensual massage - so avoid that and try to draw out and lengthen this process of exploration and play.

Note: There is one arousal peak here.

(A) Neck & ears sensual
(B) Full body movement and B2B

The key element in this step is the B2B (Body to Body) massage, where the person giving it attempts to provide as much full contact on his chest area, onto the back of the person receiving the sensual massage.

The feeling of closeness, skinship and firm pressure can be a huge turn-on. Pressure-wise, some pressure can be comforting, however each person may have different preferences on the amount of pressure used. Partners who are used to restrictive play in BDSM or enjoy being dominated will sometimes enjoy very strong pressure, almost to the point of not being able to breathe freely. However approach with caution if higher pressures are used.

The other partner enhances this sensual experience with light stimulation of the neck and ears - erogenous zones that can heighten sensitivity and send tingles all over the body.

Partners (A) and (B), feel free to exchange roles or to swap around after a while. The key aspect of this component is the full body movement and B2B - ensure it stays comfortable, sensual and starts to ramp up the arousal factor.

Note: An advanced movement for the B2B back component is to start with the palms on the ankles, moving upwards, massaging along the entire body, up the spine, until reaching the shoulders. At that point, the chest starts to contact the person being massaged and transitions into the B2B component.

Note: There is one arousal peak here.

STEP 5: Turn over w eye covers
(A) Shoulders, neck, scalp & ears
(B) Left & right arms, hands

At this point, we ask the person to turn around, and take the opportunity to let the arousal level drop slightly. This is done because the progression for arousal level of a sensual massage should not be mechanically linear - rather, there should be a rise in arousal with mini-peaks followed by dips and raises. Arousal should be managed and controlled in a way that it does not peak too quickly.

At the same time, to help with comfort level and the modesty of the person being massaged, we cover the chest area with a towel.

Also, to help the person being massaged concentrate on all the senses (other than sight), we also cover the eyes with eye covers or bean bags. Blocking out sight helps to heighten the other senses and can be used subsequently in turning up the eroticism and arousal another step further.

For this step, (A) focuses on the shoulders, neck, scalp and ears, while (B) does the left and then right arms and hands. Keep interaction slightly less sexual in nature - and focus on massage components to cool down the arousal and sexual tension slightly. 

Towards the end of this step, the person (A) should progress to more sensual stimulation of the neck and ears to build arousal leading up into the following step. Do note that arousal and stimulation can be enhanced with breath, sounds, blowing of air etc. Experiment with various sensations and observe the physical reactions of the person being massaged to identify what works.

STEP 6: Note - the towel is usually removed at this point
(A) Shoulders, neck, scalp & ears (sensual play)
(B) Chest, breasts, stomach

At this step, we proceed to the stomach and breasts which are major erogenous zones. Quietly request permission to proceed as appropriate. At this point, we focus on sensual and stimulative play - the towel is usually removed at this point and it is free play exploration as we race to an exhilarating finish. Feel free to make pit stops along the way, sometimes, prolonging this phase is desirable and very enjoyable!

Once you sense that all persons are ready for the final step, we proceed to the Yoni massage components, as well as no holds barred play (respecting all boundaries discussed earlier!)

(A) / (B) Yoni massage components, vibrator play, sex

In this step, it's time to proceed with the Yoni massage and other play. Yoni massage in itself is another full article altogether. Google the term for some articles, videos and guidance. We plan to do a more detailed post on this component in future.

In essence, though, continue the sensual exploration and take the time to delight each other in every way possible :)

Do explore g-spot orgasms and g-spot massages that are extremely pleasurable - combined with clit stimulation it can produce extremely intense blended orgasms with squirting, involuntary spasms, short periods of passing out, etc.

(A) / (B) Aftercare

Aftercare may or may not be mandatory - however if you like to establish stronger communication and bonding - do take the time to cuddle and connect physically after the successful session.

Take the time to reassure and bask in the warm feelings of a great session. Do also gather feedback, sharing openly about what worked and what could be improved - input that could lead to more ideas for subsequent sessions!

5. Conclusion & last words!

A 2 guys 4 hands sensual massage can be a really interesting and rewarding experience for everyone involved. Take your time to explore and experiment and this *will* reward everyone with hours and hours of amazing, positive memories.

Happy exploring and have fun! 

Cheers, Mike & Pothos