Why Try?

If any of the following statements resonate, meditative sensual massage may be suitable for you and could contribute to better quality of life - do consider exploring it further to find out more!

  • I feel that city living is too fast paced for healthy mental and physical balance.

  • I feel I need to re-center myself and address mental distractions or obsessions.

  • I feel the need to de-stress and to manage stress.

  • I feel the need for intimacy but I am not ready for a relationship at this point in time.

  • I would like to pamper my body and mind whenever possible.

  • I love massages, cuddles and hugs.

  • I need a deeper, more restful sleep.

  • I have difficulty achieving orgasms and would like to learn more about my body.

  • I would like to experience / learn how to squirt.

  • I would like to explore my sensual side further in an open, non-judgmental safe space.

  • I want to find out what the fuss about tantric, sensual and yoni massage is all about.

Besides the above, there are many benefits to the meditative sensual massage experience apart from simply feeling great while enjoying a session.

As a combination of mindfulness meditation and sensual massage, benefits of both practices apply here. Some of them are: 

Well-being Benefits

  • Enjoy a greater ability to savor the pleasures in life as they occur; become more fully engaged in activities.

  • Slow down your life in the fast lane - 'stop and smell the roses'.

  • Reduce and better manage any worries and anxiety.

  • Support many positive attitudes that contribute to satisfaction in life.

  • Improve your ability to form deep connections with others.

Physical Benefits

  • Improve the sensitivity of your senses, especially touch, hearing and smell.

  • Develop a more relaxed and healthy body.

  • Reduce stress and muscular tension.

  • Achieve better, deeper sleep.

  • Better understand your body; more easily achieve deeper and more pleasurable orgasms.

Mental Benefits

  • Build a healthy acceptance of your body and self; Enhance your self-image and body satisfaction.

  • Manage and cope with mental issues such as depression / addiction.

  • Improve regulation of your emotions and attention.

Do note that some benefits take time to build and develop as our bodies and minds slowly adjust and change due to new experiences, new stimuli and new practices. Also, as trust and familiarity with your therapist grows, you will find yourself open to more and reap greater benefits from the experience.

What it is not

  • Meditative sensual massage is not a substitute for a relationship should you feel the need to have one. It can enhance and strengthen an existing relationship but not take the place of one.

  • Meditative sensual massage does not have sex or orgasms as its objective. Rather, it emphasizes the shared exploration, journey of discovery, mutual appreciation and does not specify a destination or end goal (e.g. sex or orgasm).

Rest. Recover. Rejuvenate.

Enhance your well-being, health & happiness.


Discover your body & your self.