An amazing experience awaits!


Ok - we get it, this sounds amazing, cool and potentially even life-changing! So, how does one go about arranging for such an experience?

Simple! To help, we’ve put together a short guide on this page for your easy reference.

What usually goes on in a session?

Do look through the detailed write-up of the 1-on-1 sensual massage experience to get a feel for what usually happens during a session. We also have a detailed write-up of the 2 guys 4 hands sensual massage experience.
Don’t worry, you can customize the experience further!


#1: We do not want price to be a reason why anyone would miss out on a positive and life affirming experience - as such, we do our best to strike a reasonable balance. Ask if in doubt (see below).

#2 Money-back-guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the session, we will refund you the session costs - simply provide us with details on the reason for your dissatisfaction to help us continue to improve.

#3: There isn’t a fixed rate, but our current base rate for experienced therapists is currently $200 per session per therapist
(rate to be increased to $250 per session per therapist from 1 Nov 2019) *excluding* location costs which we keep separate because of differing client preferences. (Please see below for duration, as we have a very unique approach towards duration of sessions)

This cost includes consumables - oils, scent, time for pre-consult, setup, the sensual massage, post-session cooldown / feedback as well as transport costs to and from the venue (*however, if location is too outlying or late sessions ending past 11:30pm, additional charges may apply).

Duration of sessions:
We strongly believe in a ‘no-rush’ approach and going with the flow. A session has no maximum duration but only a minimum duration which is based on flow. This means that every session will be unique and that sessions will never feel ‘too short’, or rushed.

One on one session: A session has a minimum duration of 2 hours in total, including a 90+ minute sensual massage (the rest of the time is for setup, pre-consult and post-session cooldown / feedback).

Two guys 4 hands session: A session has a minimum duration of 100 minutes in total, including a 70+ minute sensual massage (the rest of the time is for setup, pre-consult and post-session cooldown / feedback).

Discounts or waivers may be available - for various reasons, e.g.

  • First timers (we love to share wonderful new experiences with others!)

  • For reviews or benchmarking against other sensual massage therapists (to continue to improve and learn from others)

  • Consent for anonymous photos (no face or identifying features such as tattoos / birthmarks) to be shared on our website / social media

  • Referrals to friends (based on confirmed sessions)

  • For media articles / interviews / collaborations

Deposit: A 50% deposit is required to confirm a booking.


Therapists will travel to a location you provide, because your peace of mind and your convenience is our key consideration. You may ask Therapists for location suggestions based on your budget range and other concerns.


Timing wise we usually suggest a post-dinner session, this allows us to connect first, have a great session and for you to be ready for a nice, deep sleep right after ending.

Our therapists are busy and frequently booked, it's recommended to plan ahead by enquiring early and providing a range of available dates and timings as it helps to facilitate the arranging of a session.

Ok, I’m sold - what do I do next?

If you haven’t yet, please fill out this form for enquiry/consultation. This allows us to customize an experience specially for you.

We will contact you back after that to answer any other questions you may have as well as arrange payments and a suitable timing.

Thank you for your interest!

We hope you take this step to experience something amazingly relaxing, pampering and even, potentially life-changing!