Frequently Asked Questions

How legitimate is this?

  • We are a non-commercial advocacy site dedicated to educating others and sharing the benefits of meditative sensual massage. Feel free to browse our educational/instructional articles and other thought-provoking content in our musings section.

    Our claim to legitimacy is based on the open knowledge that we share, and the reviews we receive. If these resonate with you - do further research and we are sure that you will find us tried and true!

Is this a commercial site?

  • NO. This site is a non-commercial advocacy site. It began as a passion for our founder, and in line with the belief that one should share good things with others, we’d love for you to experience this yourself!

    As such, our site’s focus will continue to be about publishing detailed and informative articles that allow anyone to learn from, and follow along (perhaps with your partner or significant other).

    However, we do offer to share such experiences with others in a way that we feel is reasonable - reflecting both our passion for the art and also an appreciation for the time and effort spent honing our craft.

    We are a movement and a (growing) community - of people who enjoy giving and receiving meditative sensual massages as part of a practice for mental and physical well-being.

How can I experience a meditative sensual massage?

  • Firstly, we are largely based in Singapore. If you would like to experience a sensual massage from one of our listed therapists/practitioners OR learn how to do this firsthand, you may use the contact page to submit an enquiry. Please use the enquiry form listed there.

    Regarding pricing - we do not regulate this, however we have some guidelines as listed in this link, therapists/practitioners could do this for free, or charge as a private arrangement between individuals.

How do you ensure quality control and compliance to your code of conduct?

  • As above, this is primarily a non-commercial advocacy site. Notwithstanding this, we do list several like-minded therapists/practitioners that we feel abide by our standards. A starting point would be our code of conduct.

    We have a transparent and comprehensive review process that ensures any listed therapists/practitioners comply. Reviews always go to our administrative team directly and our listed therapists/practitioners cannot alter your review. We post (with your consent) reviews anonymously on our reviews page and our therapists/practitioners profile pages as-is (excepting minor grammatical corrections or formatting).

    We pride ourselves on respectful, responsible and superlative experiences. Any violations will be treated extremely seriously and if legitimate, therapists/practitioners will be publicly censured and potentially struck off the register as appropriate.

How long is a typical session?

  • A baseline MSM session would take an absolute minimum of 90 minutes. Usually, a session last for around 2+ hours, including briefing / consultation time, meditative sensual massage itself, and post-session cool down and debrief.

    Sufficient time for an unhurried, relaxed exploration experience is required thus shorter sessions are not available.

Where is the session held?

  • Sessions can be held anywhere - a clean, quiet location with a queen or king sized bed is preferred. Depending on the therapist/practitioner, outcalls to a location of your choice, a hotel room or other arrangements can be made.

Special requests - are they entertained?

  • Special requests can be incorporated as part of a sensual massage - for example, bondage or dominance options could be discussed with your therapist. Please indicate your preferences in our enquiry/consultation form on the contact page.

Is meditative sensual massage about sex?

  • The focus of a meditative sensual massage session is not about sex. It should be about a fresh approach to understanding and loving oneself; setting aside time to relax and re-center our mind; cultivating an open and non-judgmental attitude of exploration towards our mind, body and soul.

Well, is there any sex involved (if I want it)?

  • There is no sex involved in the MSM experience. However, being sensual in nature - the yoni massage components often result in one or more orgasms for the lady receiving the massage.

I'm interested but I've never tried this before & I am shy

  • It would be a shame to miss out on such a positive life experience, especially for new and/or shy persons. We recognize that this *may* be a little daunting for some - here's how your therapist/practitioner can help you to understand and overcome this fear.
    1. Assurance of confidentiality - All correspondence to be held in the strictest confidence.
    2. Assurance of acceptance & non-judgement - There is no shame in your body, desires or sexuality, there is no shame in what comes naturally - a part of what makes us 'human'. We all need to live authentically and true to ourselves. Therapists do not subscribe to society's norms and do not judge or react negatively. This is not merely lip service but is an approach and a philosophy we strongly believe in.
    3. Assurance of comfort/compatibility with therapist - You may need to have some face time with your therapist to feel comfortable, and in order for you to more fully trust & relax during planned sessions. As such a pre-consultation meeting for coffee / chat in a central public space could be helpful. Do discuss this with your therapist should you feel the need to do so.
    4. Assurance of quality control & legitimacy - As written above, we have a code of conduct as well as a transparent and comprehensive review process that ensures any listed therapists/practitioners comply.

Can I / my partner learn how to do this?

  • Yes. Interested parties can request / discuss training sessions. We have conducted sessions before and we can put you on our mailing list should you wish to be notified of upcoming training/sharing sessions - a simplified 101 approach will be imparted with practical advice, tips and suggestions.

  • Sessions are hands-on so actual sensual massage will be carried out with explanations and breaks along the way for practice.

  • You may also enquire about custom one on one or small group training sessions.