Code of Conduct

We are a collective body of sensual massage therapists with one vision - "Sharing superlative sensual massage experiences with the world!"

This code of conduct is one that all listed therapists and practitioners pledge to abide by.

Violations of this code mean censure and removal from our register. You may report violations through our review form on our contact page.

We believe in and pledge to abide by the following:

Discretion and privacy

  • All communication to be treated privately and with discretion.

Mutual respect

  • We respect you as an individual, your boundaries, and wishes communicated. At any time, should you indicate you do not want us to partake in any action, we will stop. At the same time, such respect towards the therapist/practitioner is also expected.

Non-judgmental and open

  • We do not kink shame or judge anyone for their preferences. Feel free to share them with us!

  • This extends to comments that you feel may hurt the therapist’s feelings (e.g. I’m not attracted to you / the pressure you use is too painful / that’s too intimate for me / this action is not working for me). Therapists understand and are trained to process such input in a constructive manner.


  • We will be honest and true to our words and actions, we do not condone deceit in persuading others to experience anything they are not ready for.