Hi :)

Hello friend and fellow sojourner on this tiny planet we all share, Mike here! This is me, I'm a real person that exists - we all share the same air, food, water and, perhaps one day, even share some time together! I live a minimalistic life full of wonderful experiences and with many friends made along the way; at peace with myself and the world. Here is a tiny corner for me to share my thoughts with you, in the hope that it may help or inspire you in your journey of life.

I believe in abundance and positivism - the more we give, the better our world, our friends and our lives become. There isn't a need to hoard or keep secrets. Why? Because in being open, positive, encouraging and willing to share - greater outcomes can be achieved. This isn't a zero-sum game where one has to lose for the other to win - no! In many aspects of life, somehow, the rule of scarcity doesn't seem to apply.

I believe in bold, authentic living - neither lying to others nor lying to myself. I will be true to my character and be true to others; In so doing, I wish to also inspire you to do likewise, thereby amassing a lifetime of wonderful memories and few regrets. :)

If we do have the good fortune to meet in real life - I look forward to listening to your unique story, learning and laughing along with you! And likewise, sharing my many interesting life stories, fascinating encounters, more of myself and my passions with you!


How did you become interested in MSM and why did you start this site?

Meditative Sensual Massage (MSM) is a term I coined to describe the combination of mindfulness meditation with sensual massage.

It is something that I became aware of (still always learning) through my separate experiences in mindfulness meditation and sensual massage. Over time, I began to feel that these concepts could be combined to provide a deeper experience, a more spiritual aspect to the physical and mental components of sensual massage.

Along the way, I observed that it is common for us in modern city living to be overrun by the fast pace of life and high levels of stress. As individuals, many of us lack the knowledge, skills and tools to cope and thrive in this environment. A means to regulate and re-center ourselves will help greatly in our quality of life and those around us.

Also, I've found that many women seem to be uninformed (or under-informed) about their own bodies; their pleasure profiles, orgasm profiles and more. Many women are also not comfortable with aspects of their physical nature, expression of that nature, as well as guilt-free enjoyment of it.

Meditative Sensual Massage is an approach that helps with positive changes to all of the above! I’ve seen how it has helped many (both male and female), bringing a positive inner glow and smile onto our faces - true beauty and strength that comes from within!

Lastly, I started this site because I'm a 'giver' - I enjoy giving pleasure and take vicarious delight in other peoples' positive experiences. This extends to sharing knowledge and information that could change lives. I’m in this for the long haul and the big picture - I can’t personally give sensual massages to everyone, nor teach everyone, but I can inform and educate via this site - and do my small part to making the world a brighter, better place!

Why are you so mysterious online? No face pictures?

It is my preference to remain anonymous, and while my online persona mirrors my personal character, motivations and beliefs - it is only in our real life interactions and encounters will our many nuances and quirks come into focus. As such I like to leave an air of mystery online and for your imagination to fill in the blanks. :) Pictures don’t lie though, that’s me right there!

Also, on this site and on the internet - I wish to focus more on Meditative Sensual Massage (MSM) as a concept and the consolidation of resources that can help bring more openness, body-positivity and well-being to all.

Should you wish to know more about me personally - connect with me (contact details below) and I'll be happy to share more. I may not respond very quickly, due to my busy schedule - but I will certainly reply within a day or two. Coffee can be arranged. :)

Lastly, I'm still evolving my approach and process in conducting and teaching MSM. If you have some experience (especially with mindfulness meditation or tantric practices) and wish to share in helping to take this one step further - please, let's get in touch!

My contact details - Wechat / Telegram (ID: mtan8613) - WhatsApp (+65 8630 2359) - Instagram (ID: @sensualistgentleman)

What else are you into? Tell me something about yourself I might not know?

Well, a few others things consume me - music is one of them. I do enjoy making and writing music and I do play 6 instruments (at amateur enthusiast level) and have taught others how to play too. If you’re musical, let’s jam together someday.

Recently, I’ve also been exploring bondage, restriction and domination elements in my sensual massage sessions - this fascinates me because I see how much more complex and multi-layered our minds can be! And it fascinates me to unravel yet more components in giving and taking pleasure from others. If this is your kink - let’s connect and see where serendipity takes us!

I have a few more mind-blowing surprises up my sleeve - let me leave a little more mystery for when we get to meet personally - there is nothing like being present in the moment with another fellow human being. :)

Press / Media Reviews

Apparently, I’m a female orgasm expert! Though some inaccuracies in the article below on my intentions for this site - I intend this site to facilitate a movement and community, I do not intend this site to be a commercial business. Still I’m thankful for the review and I have gained some insights that have helped me to further hone this craft!
VICE.com - What It's Like to Get a Massage From Singapore's Female Orgasm Expert


18 Sep 2019 - 10/10

Great! I liked the massage pressure and the sensual part. Pressure was just nice and I really enjoy myself during the whole session!

9 Sep 2019 - 10/10

This is the second time that I booked a session with Mike and the experience was different from the first one. This session was more to help me relax and release suppressed emotions from a traumatic event.

Mike walked me through the process again and made sure that I felt comfortable and safe pre and post-session. He was also intuitive with my breathing and my body's response to his touch. There was no judgment and it felt like I can just really let go and take in the moment of just receiving.

Loved the upper back and lower back + buttocks massage. The pressure was hard enough but not painful and really released a lot of tension. I really also liked the light finger touches on my back, thighs, nipples, and yoni.

Overall, I felt like a goddess and slept like a baby after the session! I will definitely book another session with Mike.

23 Aug 2019 - 10/10

Hit the spots so perfectly, relaxing yet exhilarating, brings you to life and fills you with love and warmth, it’s the most sensual and touching experience I’ve ever had.

12 Aug 2019 - 10/10

I contacted Mike to arrange a sensual massage for my wife in early Aug. This was her first sensual massage and I stayed in the room to watch. Mike is very professional. Explained all the detail clearly to us. Indeed no rush, no looking at watch and nice atmosphere setup by Mike.

Massage started from the back and slowly to the front. My wife breathed louder and louder when Mike massage the sensitive area. This was the first time my wife squirt, she herself was so surprised.

Overall, I would give Mike a 10/10 for his service and skill... why? Because my wife asked, can I arrange another session? haha. Well done Mike...

26 Jul 2019 - 10/10

I saw Mike for my first yoni massage. He was very soft spoken and relaxed me immediately. He set the room up with lights, music and scent. He told me everything he was going to do prior and made sure I was comfortable with it.

The massage was very relaxing and felt great after such a long flight! The yoni part was amazing , and I squirted almost the entire time. Afterwards he made sure I was calm and relaxed. The whole session was almost 3 1/2 hrs. So take your time with this, do not rush.

Besides being a great masseuse he is a very kind, non-judgmental man and easy to converse with. He is definitely all about making sure his clients are happy and selfless in this. Enjoy ladies!

22 Jul 2019 - 10/10

A mind opening experience. The intro, the setup, the explanations, the massage, the strength of massage is awesome and just right.

12 Jul 2019 - 9/10

My first ever, and although I was a bit nervous, Mike did a great job explaining the session and reassured me that I can just be myself.

I did not tell Mike about my preferences (where to or not to touch etc.) because I wanted to start the session without limitations.

The session was wonderful and Mike was gentle. Initially my body was quite tensed and did not know how to respond to the touches. The massage was very relaxing and when he started giving kisses on my back... I jumped, but then I wanted more! Ha ha. How he took care of my back was full of nice surprises for me.

Then the front side... that’s when the sensual parts were the focus... when he focused on my neck then breasts then tummy, then all the way down. I did not say too much during the session but I think Mike did a good job reading the situation from how my body responded. I came and squirted multiple times, I don’t think I have squirted before!

Mike kept on teasing my body with his hands and lips for a long time. We finished with a long hug and shower together.

I gave the score 9 just because I was still a bit shy, I think next session will be better because my body and will be more at ease with Mike. I am writing this the morning after my session with Mike... and thinking about last night put a big smile on my face... definitely a memorable evening!

11 Jul 2019 - 9/10

Vibrator: 🤢 🤢 🤢 (Mike: most enjoy it, but not everyone does, it's ok! Just trying it to fully explore a range of sensations in an initial session.)

Wonderful hands: Awesome and Superb I felt touched and my body felt so, so loved by Mike's pampering hands and touches! Every guy should learn some tips and tricks from Mike to treat their lady nice and right!

Thank you again to Mike for moisturising my body, emotions and my heart! May your passion and touches bring much love, joy, smiles to all who come your way, brightening them n their loved ones' lives, thereby making the world a better place!

6 Jul 2019 - 10/10

Time stood still, I lost myself... I climaxed countless times...

I totally forgot who I was during the session.

30 Jun 2019 - 10/10

It's my 5th time getting a massage from Mike. As I tend to overwork for my job, it had caused my back to develop tight knots, making it hard for me to lie down or sleep properly. I reached out to Mike requesting for him to help me release the knots in my back, shoulder and neck area.

His pressure was just right, he was able to know how to release the knots using harder pressure but at the same always enquiring on whether it was too painful for me. Although he wasn't able to release all the knots due to time constraint, I was glad that he was able to help me sleep better and not experiencing pain in my back for some nights. I will definitely approach Mike again for my back massage.

Mike is very professional in what he was doing, especially in the aftercare (after the massage). Not only did he make me feel comfortable, the massage was enjoyable and helpful.

21 Jun 2019 - 10/10

This was my first yoni massage experience and Mike was a complete gentleman. From the get go he was very professional, answered any questions I had and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. He prepared the room with calming lighting, wonderful scents and soothing music. He was dressed in bike tights all the way through which did not make me nervous. He was very respectful, letting me know that this session was all about me.

His massage pressure and strokes were relaxing, therapeutic and arousing at the same time as his hands were so smooth and the pressure was just right. Body to body massage was particularly stimulating and pressed the right buttons. The yoni massage was .... amazing and very wet!! It was my first extensive a-spot and g-spot massage and I soaked through 2 towels! I never thought I was a squirter!! The orgasms were so intense and so different from external orgasms. I have never had these ones before!

Mike spent time hugging and talking after, which was so lovely, and showed me various ways to stimulate myself, and we ended it off with another wet squirting a-spot orgasm!! 11/10 points there!! I advise all women to try Yoni massage as it is a wonderful, wet and breath-taking experience.

Thank you Mike!

21 May 2019 - 10/10

This was not my 1st massage. This was not my usual massage. But stumbling on Mike, brings me a heavenly and relaxing experience. We had chatted for a little over 2 weeks and during this period, I have found his personal character to be calm and friendly; giving assurance on places you have doubts and letting you know what to expect from the session.

I do have a slight bit of anxiety issues but, Mike seems to be able to melt it down effortlessly. Explaining every next step he's taking, preparing me mentally.

I like it that he specially prep the room with comforting light, scent and sound. The massage 1st started on the back and ended at my calves and hamstrings. Pressure was spa-like putting me in a sleepy mode. But on and off, he changes to featherlight touches that arouse me a little; it's disturbing but in a good way.

Laying in my back next, he started on my shoulders and worked his way south. He has given me sensations I have never felt before and my body had reacted in a way I never thought possible. I could have been in 7th or 8th heaven... not sure but I am sure I'm lost. Ending / landing was rounds of hugs that are soft, gentle and warming.

In conclusion, take a step forward and try new things. You never know if you like it. I took the step and I can say, I love it!

17 May 2019 - 9/10

Didn’t even know I could moan like that! It was an amazing session, my first and doubt it will be my last. This is legit! Mike gave the most amazing massage that’s makes me ALMOST float to dreamland. Thankfully I remember that I am not supposed to be over relax!

During the Yoni massage, I never knew fingers can do such wonders~ and then u wonder how come all the other man never knew this perfect spot that we girls have? Honestly I knew I wasn’t an easy to please lady, but he put in a lot of efforts to give me an “O” which was amazing!

He was very professional along the way, ensuring my comfort, reassuring me over texts before the session and brief what he is going to do before it starts. After the session ended, we have skin to skin time where he hug me and have a heart to heart chat.

8 May 2019 - 10/10

Mike was patient and very open with sharing and answering all my questions since way before arranging any session. Was clear breakdown of what will happen later during the massage, very calming for a first timer.

Room was set up to have a relaxing ambience, with soothing music. Am a first timer in this, but the pace was slow and just nice.

Didn't feel rush/shy as Mike made sure that I'm comfortable with everything before proceeding. Overall, strongly encourage any curious individuals to try it out like me!

20 Apr 2019 - 10/10

It was my first time and will not be my last.

The experience was amazing! I felt so at ease and the relaxation that the massage brought on was deep.

Mike was easy to feel at ease with. He was very professional. The whole massage was bliss.

18 Apr 2019 - 9/10

This was my first encounter with sensual massage. I had never even heard of it before this and I was nervous, not knowing what to expect. I read the reviews left by others and was curious to experience this for myself.

Mike was very relaxed, reassuring and took his time to explain everything. He made sure that I felt comfortable every step of the way, constantly checking if the pressure was okay for me and telling me what he's about to do. That helped to me calm down and start to enjoy the process.

Mike started with a back massage and adapted it to my body's needs. My shoulder area was very tight but Mike managed to loosen it with his fingers and the magic wand. Then he proceeded to my lower back and butt. Initially, I felt quite ticklish, especially when he breathed on my neck. But once I relaxed, it was really quite arousing. Even before he got to the yoni massage, I was already quite turned on, squirming and moaning.

Mike's use of his mouth, tongue and fingers was great, but that combined with the magic wand, was an entirely different feeling. I climaxed several times, and Mike stayed to hold me after, helping to calm me down. It was intense but a great experience and I feel more positive about myself.

He was right, everyone should try this at least once :)

11 Apr 2019 - 10/10

It is one of the most relaxing and healing experience I have ever experienced! What nurtured the experience was Mike’s passion, candor, non-judgemental and professionalism that provided a safe space for me to relax and be at ease.

I didn’t realise how much energy and pressure I was holding in until Mike released them for me! This is not your usual body massage. It is exactly and rightfully stated as a “meditative sensual massage” which offers a combination of meditative (mindful yet not mind full) and sensual (physical, feeling and sensation) experiences!

It brings one’s mental and physical relaxation to a whole new level and state! Come with no expectation or expect the unexpected ! :)

10 Apr 2019 - 10/10

Right from the start, Mike was very clear and patient in explaining the process behind a sensual massage, what to expect, limits during the session, etc. His website also had a lot of helpful information for a first timer like myself. As I have not tried a yoni massage before, I checked out a few other places that offered similar experiences, and eventually still decided to proceed with Mike because he seemed pretty chill, I liked his philosophy and was curious to meet him. And of course all the amazing reviews as well.

Despite having some idea of how the massage will go, I was still a little nervous when I first met Mike. He was friendly and chatty, as he unpacked his equipment and described our options for the session later. I was both intimidated and impressed by his range of equipment, though having a feel of the toys before we started was reassuring. It was only after I was already on the bed, with a towel over my butt, the lights dimmed, and some ambient music playing that my tension started seeping away.

I had pulled my right shoulder just the day before the massage, but I didn't mention it to Mike because I didn't think it was a big deal. He found the knot anyway, and released it with some deft handwork and the ingenious help of a good vibe. I was surprised and really pleased because I didn't think musculoskeletal massage was a big focus of the experience, but I was definitely a whole lot more relaxed after that.

From then on, I enjoyed the sensual elements a lot better. The confident strokes alternating with gentle caresses made me feel precious. I also liked the firm hold he had around my neck when he was massaging it from behind, kind of in the same way he took control of the process. Most of all hearing Mike's steady breathing close to my ears was highly erotic to me.

As my ears are one of my most sensitive areas, I felt myself quiver as soon as he started working on my ears. He then slowly moved down my front onto the yoni massage, which I was fully anticipating by now. I'm normally not a fan of fingering, but I must say Mike definitely knows what he's doing. I squirted for the first time in his hands, and the release was astounding, mostly because I wasn't expecting it, and couldn't control it. The sensations were already so intense that the additional vibe felt like just frosting on the cake.

I liked Mike's body, it was comfortably firm. Also like the music and the scent. Mostly I liked that I felt safe, the website and all the web forms make everything look legit.

Overall this massage was the best I've had on multiple levels, and just writing this review and recollecting the experience again is a huge turn on. Would recommend a go if you're on the fence about it, no regrets for me :)

29 Mar 2019 - 9/10

Mike was patient and understanding during massage.

After that, I realised that I had many emotional setbacks about myself and was able to find release. Strangely, I feel closer to my husband now. Thank you for bringing out that feeling in me!

Just curious... is it normal to feel v sexy and confident after the massage? I had a great time in bed with my hubby after the session! And the feeling persists, even as I am writing this...

It’s a strange feeling for me as I’ve never felt like that before...

25 Mar 2019 - 10/10

It was a really, really great session; didn’t expect certain parts of my body (e.g. Calves, back of knees, lower back) to be as sensitive as I had previously thought and the masseur was never in a rush (though I found the massage component could be done at a faster pace). The masseur was also elaborately well prepared, organised and professional as well. Overall, it was a therapeutic experience and a different way to relax.

15 Mar 2019 - 10/10

Mike is good in understanding the response your body gives. Both mentally and physically, I feel relaxed and indescribably amazing.

11 Mar 2019 - 10/10 (2 Guys 4 Hands - Mike & Pothos)

I walked in to the session with really high expectations and kind of skeptical of the two guys four hands massage, as I've tried the regular sensual massage with Mike before and that for me was already AMAZING and mind-blowingly good, so I was really wondering how the two guys 4 hands massage would top that experience I had! And I'm pretty sure everyone's heard the phrase "don't expect too much or you'll end up disappointed", but boy not only did that not happen, the two gentlemen surpassed my expectations and brought me to ecstasy at its very finest - without the need of anything other than fingers, lips, tongue, teeth (some biting <3) and their trusty vibrator ~

Once I got to the room they started off briefing me on what they would be begin with, and going through some things that will or might happen; ensuring my comfort then setting up the room with lights; spraying this heavenly scented thing; sterilizing the handy vibe; setting the bed and all, and once everything was done it was massage time!

Their massage on its own was already ideal, with the right pressure points and right pressure, amazing almost perfect synchronization (99.99% synchronised 0.01% deducted because of a small imbalance of pressure for a brief moment), great technique and perfect flow!

I could literally fall asleep right there and then, if not for their strategically planned moves - it felt like they made sure their fingers were hitting every single sensitive sensual spot on my body naturally, with the flow and, keeping me dripping wet the entire time before the yoni massage even started! Especially with four hands on your body it makes you feel like you're the most loved and pampered pet / brat / baby / queen ever!

And don't get me started on the yoni massage... it was exceptional... beyond words!!! It was ecstasy in its purest form!!! Thinking of the session after a day and I am still quivering from the mind boggling Orgasms (plural because I lost count of the times I came & squirted but a little cutie counted for me and it was probably 10 or so hahah) I had experienced. I was really thankful I had a long chat with Mike before, so he knew my preferences well enough - he decided to add anal stimulation into the mix while giving a yoni massage! Thank god there was 4 hands - I never knew I could ever experience such overwhelming overload of pleasure in the best damn way... I was a wet mess at the end of the session! But I felt completely liberated, relaxed and stress free finally!

The whole time that the massage was going on till the moment we had to part ways, nothing felt rushed or had to end abruptly. It was at a really comfortable flow, and after everything Mike and Pothos took the time to stay, cuddle, kiss and bring me back to reality gently - which I greatly appreciate!

From all the times I've talked to both gentlemen, it's really clear as day that both of them are really really professional and passionate about this amazing art, and because of their passion for MSM it 'shows' itself during the massage. You can literally feel the amazing connection with them at that moment, for an hour or two of ecstasy, followed by a few days up on fluffy cloud nine. An experience you can never get at a traditional massage parlour!

A (2 guys 4 hands) sensual massage is something I strongly believe everyone needs to try out for themselves once in their life! It's the best stress relieving remedy I've ever tried (and I've tried MANY), forces me to take a break from my hectic life, brings me to stop for a moment to relax, gave me the energy to move on with the ton of things I've got on my plate at the moment and gave me the luxury of another person's loving touch and connection (without having to get into a serious relationship or being too emotionally invested with someone new, when I'm not ready and don't want to; and yet, not feel like a one night stand where all connections and contact are cut off the next morning).

Especially with two guys and four hands, I can't say this enough but I literally felt like a pampered pooch and queen!

27 Feb 2019 - 10/10

My first time. I was very tense and uncomfortable in the beginning. But Mike was gentle, patient and reassuring. The whole experience was interesting and satisfying.

Mike has good hands, gentle at the right time. Reassuring words that made me feel comfortable being my first time. Yoni massage was very amazing. I loved it!

10 Feb 2019 - 10/10

As it was my first time trying a sensual massage, was initially nervous about what to expect. Mike was very patient and informative and reading through the detailed website really helped set my mind at ease. The entire experience was very professional, and the massage component felt as it would a normal massage but more soothing and less kneading. The sensual parts of the massage felt very organic as well, and Mike talked me through each aspect and was sure to check my limits and explain each step that he was doing.

I also got to experience squirting which was new for me, and appreciate that he took his time and did not rush or stop right away which was soothing. Even after the session he 'debriefed' me in a very professional manner about what worked for my body which was very informative.

I like the ambience which felt like a very important part of the session. Between the background sounds and his presence (constant touch, weight and his slow breathing), the experience feels very zen and relaxed. The pacing and touch/pressure was spot on too.

3 Feb 2019 - 10/10

I have had several sensual/yoni massages in the past and my experience with Mike was by far the most comfortable and satisfying. Mike is extremely nurturing and caring and he went to a lot of genuine effort to make sure I was looked after in every way possible.

1 Feb 2019 - 8/10

Mike is really attentive and focused. He made me feel really comfortable throughout and I almost dozed off in the mid process. He was able to turn my weakness into my advantage when it comes to Yoni massage. I was super turned on and aroused by his touch because in the initial part of the massage he was already paying close attention to every detail of my body which might cause some sensual sensitivity to me.

I never knew what was orgasm or squirt till I tried the Yoni massage and never knew I was a squirter. It was a whole new experience for me and I really look forward to more sessions in the near future (:

28 Jan 2019 - 10/10

This is my second time engaging Mike for sensual and yoni massage. Having pointed out that I have some sore areas at my back, Mike was very focused on trying to help to ease the sore areas for me by spending more time on my back. And it made me feel better.

For the yoni component, it was a whole new level for me as it was the first time I ever experienced something different from Mike. As time was limited, a different approach for the yoni component was taken and surprisingly I managed to orgasm a number of times.

I felt very comfortable and at the same time, the massage was really good.

I liked the setup of the room, making the ambience soothing for one to be comfortable and not shy/awkward when getting the massage. Also the fact that Mike takes into account of your requests and is focused on making oneself feel better. The way Mike does sensual touch for arousal and the slow build up which led to multiple orgasms for myself.

Mike is a person who respects boundaries, understands and enjoys what he is doing, and I'm glad that I engaged him as my masseur as I had a really good sleep after the massage! Thanks Mike! :)

17 Jan 2019 - 10/10

As a first timer, I was really nervous to experience something that piqued my curiosity for quite a few years. I chanced upon Mike through an acquaintance of ours and immediately thought, this was the one chance I should take. As a single mother in her late forties, I am self-conscious about my mummy bod. I wanted to enjoy my session and not overthink. Mike helped me to feel at ease, from the moment I completed an online application form, to meeting up for a quick breakfast at the coffeeshop a few days later.

Once in the room, he made sure it was comfortable, providing a soothing atmosphere with soft lighting and the light in the room was dimmed down. I really loved the subtle scents he used, and played calming tunes in the background. It heightened my senses to another level of tranquility. As I undressed, he laid a towel on the bed for me to lie on and one over my bottom.

He started with massaging my neck and shoulders, with medium pressure as I had requested. I felt soothed right away with his strokes, at times he leaned in, breathing on my neck and back. It heightened my pleasure every time he did that! And with subtle brushes from his fingers over my back, he went down to my legs. I had an ankle injury so he was very aware and avoided too much pressure over it. I couldn't help myself as I moaned, every time he massaged my inner thighs, and over the sides of my vagina. He leaned over my legs, and I felt aroused when I felt his groin brush against my skin.

He continued to massage my bottom, and at that point I felt I was in a trance as he massaged every fibre of my vagina. As I felt so good at this point and breathless, I was guided to turn around to face up, he had an eye cover over. Mike massaged my shoulders and chest, firm and soft strokes over me, and cupping, caressing, kissing my breasts. I especially loved the ear treatment - the brushing strokes of his fingers, kisses and licks! This was definitely my first, I thought I would feel tickled but instead it just made me dripping wet!

Mike then caressed my clitoris. And, as I was already so relaxed (and in deep pleasure moaning!) he took out an awesome vibrator! From that moment on, I lost all control of my body, as it was accompanied together with his fingers, he unlocked me! I never knew I could squirt! And after several orgasms later, as I can recall, Mike leaned closer and embraced me. He remarked that it was wonderful and kissed me all over my neck and face. We were, at that point in time, sweaty in an aircon room. Mike gives the most loving hugs, as a woman should receive... after several orgasms!

21 Dec 2018 - 9/10

Truly an amazing and soothing experience. An honest, professional, pleasant and friendly masseur that put the missus to ease very quickly. Not one that rushes through and takes time to explain what he will be doing next, this gave my wife a lot of assurance this guy knows his stuff. In fact the sensual massage was so relaxing and soothing that she fell asleep at one point of time.

All in all, the whole session exceed my expectations as well as wife was able to truly enjoy the sensual touch of another guy, and enjoy the gentle knead and feel from Mike. It was truly a great experience for both of us.

Definitely recommended for those that wants to try out sensual massage and explore your inner sexuality. Can’t wait to have our next session if schedule permits.

26 Nov 2018 - 9/10

It was good, and super relaxing. I like the massages.

14 Nov 2018 - 10/10

Had my first session ever and it was AMAZING. This is one of those things that you never realised you were missing or that you needed so much till you’ve had a taste of it!! (Think of massage and fantasy combined into one thing!! not the best description but feels that way to me) The epitome of relaxation!

I was a little nervous at the start, not too sure what to expect and what might happen but Mike was very professional, patient and really friendly answering all the weird funny questions I had and making sure I was really comfortable throughout the session! Adjusting pressure points when needed, reacted according to my body’s needs and all!! And boy when I finally laid down and relaxed myself Mike’s magic fingers came to play!

Massage was awesome on its own, and the sensual part was even better!!! Amazing technique with the nipples so much so I got dripping wet when he was massaging, licking and nibbling on them I nearly went insane hahah - I thought that was as high I would go for the night but then he moved on to the clit.

Nearly came a few times when he was massaging it (amazing technique!!!!) and then came the yoni massage - I was transported into orgasm land~ he found my g-spot in an instant and from then on it was orgasms one after another - this frankly speaking is a really rare occurrence for me! As no man has ever managed to make me orgasm a few times in a row!! And he is the first guy ever who could get me to squirt!! And he still added a magic wand to the whole process~ which brought me to a whole new level of high!

Even after the orgasms and fun Mike took the time to let me rest and recover from the orgasms while hugging me which was really sweet and much needed.

8 Nov 2018 - 8/10

Overall very relaxing and arousing. Yoni massage was spot on, there was a lot of points that felt good.

29 Oct 2018 - 10/10

Great!!! Love everything. Mike is very passionate and patient. Recommended for everyone!!!

17 Oct 2018 - 10/10

Mike was really friendly and made me feel comfortable and he explained everything to me.

It was super relaxing and my body felt so good during and after the session.

9 Oct 2018 - 10/10

I have a deeper understanding of what is tantric and sensual massage. I have learnt something new about Sensual massage is that it is actually a 2 way appreciation and it's about the connection between the giver and receiver.

Overall I enjoyed the session a lot and I look forward to the next one.

17 Sep 2018 - 8/10

As usual, great massage by Mike! He always goes above and beyond to make you feel at ease and revitalised.

12 Aug 2018 - 10/10

I had my first session with Mike a week ago and it was amazing. Mike focused on my pleasure and relaxation throughout the session since it was my first time. I felt respected during the session and more empowered both body and mind post-session. It made me realise that my body can experience so much more than I thought it could. :)

He was patient in answering my questions and didn’t make me feel like I asked silly questions. Since this was an intimate experience, I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t a scam haha! He managed my expectations before the session and was very sensitive to my needs throughout the session. I’m a highly sensitive person so each touch or caress was intense for me, so he made sure to adjust the pressure when needed.

I would highly recommend booking a session with Mike to anyone who hasn’t tried yoni/sensual massage.


27 Jul 2018 - 8/10

Mike is very passionate about sharing sensual massage with everyone who is interested to listen/learn. He’s very patient and knowledgeable and will put a newcomer like me to ease.


22 Jul 2018 - 10/10

It was an incredible experience 1st time ever in my whole entire life. Completely respected and highly treated like a queen.

Ladies should at least experience once in their life time. Guys should be trained in this area to pleasure the ladies in the most sensual massage ever!

Will be back again for more - wishing for a longer time and more frequent massages from Mike :)


20 Jul 2018 - 10/10

When I first met Mike I was actually nervous. He made me feel at ease almost immediately. We made small talk and he patiently explained to me the steps he will take and what to expect.

He started with a back massage followed by the thighs and calves. When he started with the yoni massage I was brought to a level of ecstasy that I could not imagine possible.

To cut the story short, I squirted several times. Had both g-spot n clit orgasms. Would recommend Mike to any girl that has never experienced an orgasm.


12 Jul 2018 - 9/10

Mike helped me to reached my extreme orgasm with a bit of squirting (which I have never reached prior to his session).

He also taught me different kind of orgasm point and taught me a lot of information about my yoni.

As I belongs to those very hard to reach orgasm type, but he did it! I will definitely contact him again if I want another session of yoni massage.


4 Jul 2018 - 10/10

First time trying yoni massage and it was great.


2 Jun 2018 - 9/10

Mike is very professional and he takes care of every little detail, such as ambience and mood setting by using background music, mood lights, scents, and props.

He is experienced and able to respond to different needs. He is sensitive to the person being massaged and focuses on making them as comfortable as possible. The massage was very soothing and the sensual exploration was amazing as I got really wet, and the whole experience wrapped up nicely with an orgasm.

Perfect for those who want to really explore and understand their body more, as I definitely understood my body more after that!

It was my first time trying a sensual massage, not knowing what to expect but it turned out exceptionally well. Thanks a million Mike!


2 May 2018 - 7/10 (2 Guys 4 Hands Trial - Mike & Pothos)

In another opportunity with Mike & Pothos, I was able to be their test model for their 4 Hands Massage trial session. While they still had room for improvement (i.e. choreographing a smoother massage routine that flows better altogether & to better exert similar pressure together), having someone massaging your upper back and legs at the same time was awesome man!

Both of them were receptive to feedback and were passionate in exchanging pointers with each other for better coordination during the massage experiment.


22 Mar 2018 - 9/10

Just love the session and it was so relaxing and Mike was so skillful during the massage session.

Pressure was on point and loving the Yoni Massage