Hi there!

I'm known as Steve, and am currently reaching my mid thirties. I joined this partnership with Mike and Pothos because of our long-lasting and avid passion for Meditative Sensual Massage ("MSM"). While I hold a professional job in an esteemed industry, I have generally flexible working hours. Since I am privileged enough to have additional time outside of my profession, I try to give back to society by providing relaxation, pleasure and comfort through MSM.

Physically, I'm 6 feet tall due to my earlier involvement in competitive basketball during my schooling days. I am neither a Shrek-like ogre nor a Thor-esque hunk. Instead, I would describe myself as easy on the eyes: most people find it easy to approach me for conversations.

In terms of personality, I am pretty much a introverted extrovert (not to be mistaken as schizophrenic..heh). Primarily, I love to interact with new people and break ice quite easily due to my chatty nature. However, I do not consciously strive to be in the limelight, unless the radiant lights happen to stream down upon me. I also treasure my personal time to myself reading a variety of literature, songwriting with my guitar or hitting the gym to stay in shape.


How did you become interested in MSM and why did you start this site?


Ironically, my interest in MSM started because I was a constant recipient of massages: its sports therapy massage (STM) in case you were raising eyebrows!

In my college days playing basketball, our school hired a masseur to provide STM so that we could recover and compete during our basketball tournaments better. In the next year, we figured out the techniques and strokes involved in STM, so we terminated the masseur's services. Instead, we provided STM to each other as teammates instead! That formed the foundation of my interest and knowledge of massage, since I experienced its first-hand benefits to my sports performance.

In my university days, being unleashed from the mandatory celibacy of National Service, I had various lovers. I evolved my STM knowledge to provide them MSM to relieve stress, provide better foreplay and inject more enjoyment into our sex lives. Upon amicably parting ways, many of my lovers exhorted me to continue providing MSM to ladies, since apparently too few guys pamper their lovers this way.

Thus, I felt that I should carry on this interesting art for the benefit of women who are open-minded and inteprid enough to explore it with me.

Why did you decide to practice MSM?


From my lovers' feedback, I realised that my MSM skills brought them a certain symphony of serenity and sensuality in the bedroom. It was different from other guys they had, where the focus was always on direct sexual intercourse, with little regard for the lady's moods, emotions or energy levels.

So, I now take pride in being able to provide this special blend of peace and pleasure to ladies: they deserve so much more than merely being treated as objects of male pleasure. Women deserve to be pampered, pleased and pleasured. I find immense satisfaction in helping ladies achieve orgasm, or at least newfound enjoyment, through MSM.

In other words, I hope to help woman understand that their sensual pleasures and explosive orgasms should be a priority in the bedroom.

Through established boundaries using this site, I also hope to help more inhibited and conservative ladies open up to their sexuality and explore the more sensual elements of their body and spirit.

How did you know Mike/Pothos?

I first met Pothos at a friend's party. Upon striking up a conversation with him, I found that he was a kindred spirit who not only practiced MSM, but shared the same ethos and principles in doing so.

I met Mike through an online forum due to our interest in health and fitness. We are in a common wechat chatgroup of fitness enthusiasts. It was a pleasant surprise to find that he was also an experienced practitioner of MSM, hence this collaboration.

Can I have your personal pictures/details?

Due to my professional standing in my day job, I am unable to share face picture on this site.

However, you can provide me your wechat/whatsapp/telegram/email address via this site and I would be happy to answer any questions or even provide face pictures once we are comfortable.

I am also open to meeting for coffee to get acquainted and for you to decide that you are comfortable with me before you request MSM services from me.

Reviews (Avg 9.3/10, 7 reviews)

17 May 2019 - 8/10

Steve was a gentleman throughout and made me feel really comfortable, patient and open to conversations. My body was responding soo automatically to his massage and he even helped me to squirt, which is something I really enjoyed.

He was very in-tune to my reactions and when I felt pleasant shivers or enjoyed something he did, he will focus more on those areas :)

Thanks Steve :)

18 Apr 2019 - 10/10

Steve is REALLY professional and gentle. The massage really helped me relax and I could feel my fever flowing out of my body halfway thru the session (I was a bit feverish that day).

Thank you so much Steve! :)

9 Apr 2019 - 7/10

It was an amazing experience, Steve was so welcoming and made me feel so comfortable when we first met. Ladies his tongue works wonders! And you can openly tell him what you would like him to do or if there is anything you don't want.

9 Feb 2019 - 10/10

As a local, I was skeptical about freelance massage service as there are so much fakes around. Had my first session with Steve, a very approachable gentleman whom made all the nervousness goes away. He will always let you know what he was about to do at every stage. For a man to be able to know a female body so well is rare to start with. He is so gentle that you feel being loved at that moment, carefully covering every inch of my back which was pretty stiff, really love the firm strokes.

Though this session, changed my view of B2B, didn't know that it can be so arousing when combined with neck and ear stimulation :) He totally hit the spot right away in yoni, was the most intense feeling I ever had. Just a little sad that my mind still couldn't let it go... but was a good start. Feeling refreshed and had a good night rest. Thank you Steve :D

2 Feb 2019 - 10/10

This was my first time and I loved it! Steve tailored the massage to my needs and sensitivities and made me feel very comfortable throughout. He has very skilled hands and the massage was great. The yoni component was particularly enjoyable. I can’t wait for a second session!

22 Oct 2018 - 10/10

It was really relaxing. I fell asleep thrice.

Steve was really friendly and easy going. Made me feel comfortable and happy and he is also good with his tongue.

14 Oct 2018 - 10/10

Very enjoyable, stimulating and passionate massage experience!