Sensual massage resources (updated!)

Hi! we'll be listing down some resources that will be useful in enhancing the entire sensual massage experience. In general, these cover ambience, scent, oils for use and more.

Item legend:
**** Critical items that you should not miss out on for even a basic sensual massage
*** Important items that you should have for a great experience
** Useful items that you might need from time to time
* ‘Optional’ but if you want to be the best, it’s good to have these on-hand.

This page will be updated periodically, so check back for additional information and resources!

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Massage Oil ****


The most essential element required for beginners to sensual massage!

A current favorite is "Erotic Massage Oil - Sensation (Lavender) Shunga" which has a relaxing scent, fair amount of grip and texture, stores well and little to no fuss.

Feel free to experiment with different scents, different mediums (creams, massage candles etc.) and do drop us a note on any favorites you may have!

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An interesting sensual alternative to consider is a massage candle - one that burns with an amazing scent and melts into warm (not too hot), massage oil with slightly more texture and grip than the usual massage oils. We’ve experimented with a few brands and the current favourite is "Shunga - Massage Candle Aphrodisia & Roses"

For those looking for a different experience, it is definitely worth trying out. Experiment with blindfolds and even light restrictive play to spice things up! Our suggestion - light two candles for best effect - the scent is stronger and you will have enough liquid warmth for coverage of both the front and back.

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Music / Sound ***

In order to relax, some background white noise and soothing music is helpful to put the mind in the mood. While not absolutely essential, when first starting out, (and especially if the recipient of the massage is not familiar with meditation) we need all the help we can get!

We usually use a dual mix of thunder/rain white noise as well as background soothing music. Some favorites found off YouTube are listed below:

Lighting / Ambient Lighting ***


In order to keep the room dim and comfortable for relaxation - alternative lighting is usually required. Lava lamps, night lights, all serve to reduce our dependence on our primary sense organ - sight. By reducing visual stimulus, we push our other senses to take in more information and heighten our sensitivity over time to our other senses, touch, smell, hearing, and even - taste.

We use a combination lighting and speaker model similar to the model on the right.

It's portable, rechargeable and 3 units should be bright enough for you to control the lighting at any location, to your preference.

Scents / Aromatherapy / Diffusers ***

Scent can play a large role in the therapeutic experience. Some people are sensitive to scent and matching a good scent with the appropriate benefits (for example, the essential oils chosen) will provide an additional dimension to a sensual massage.

Hygiene kit **

It’s important to keep clean and fresh so that the recipient will welcome your attention - this includes short, filed fingernails, scent, clean breath etc.

As such, having the following on hand will help in keeping clean and smelling great: Toothbrush & toothpaste; Dental floss; Mouthwash; Shaver; Soap & shower gels; Nail clipper & nail files etc.

Lube / Lubrication **

Lube is essential for more advanced sensual massages or sensual play that includes anal exploration. Also, lube is also useful for the yoni massage component, for example, if the lady is not sufficiently lubricated (this may happen for a variety of reasons, including post-menopause or medical conditions).

Eye pillows / Blindfolds **

Eye pillows and blindfolds are used to reduce/restrict the sense of sight. As the primary sense we use daily, it tends to overpower our other senses.

For sensual massages, using eye pillows or blindfolds as part of the sensual experience helps the recipient enhance the sensitivity of their other senses, and also sometimes adds an additional layer of excitement and arousal to the process.

Hair ties *

Sometimes, the recipient does not have any hair ties to keep their hair tidy and neat. Having several one-time use hair ties on hand shows professionalism and attention to detail.

Lighter *

A lighter is sometimes needed for lighting massage wax candles or aromatherapy candles.

And that's all for now! There are other items that could be used in sensual massages, such as: massage pillows, large towels, hot stones and more - these items will be added here for reference in due course!