MSM Healing - Overview, mindsets & resistances 1/3

Meditative Sensual Massage (MSM) is often a wonderfully affirming and rejuvenating experience. Not only is it pleasurable and enjoyable, but often it provides a vehicle for our personal transformation, self-realization and spiritual growth.

It is not surprising then, that regular practice of MSM in its fullest form (with aspects of physical and mental connection, affirmation, touch) can serve as a healing, cleansing and freeing force. Especially so, because we live in a society that is touch-averse, where physical contact is shunned, avoided or feared. Thus, many of us already suffer from a deficit of touch, and restoring that deficit brings us back into balance again.

Usually, healing and rejuvenation happens gradually over time, and is not the main objective of a session. In some cases, however, the healing aspect takes centerstage. In this series we cover aspects of healing via meditation, touch and massage.

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Exploring Sensuality in Bondage & Domination

At first glance, sensual massage doesn’t seem to have much in common with bondage and dominance - but that is untrue and only on superficial examination.

Meditative sensual massage (MSM) places emphasis on our mind as much as body - this encompasses understanding of your partner(s) and their aspects of attraction and arousal. It is definitely not limited to only gentle or mild exploration and play.

This article provides some ideas for bondage & dominance play as part of sensual massage and sensual exploration.

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The female orgasm, g-spot, squirting & more...

Pothos and I have decided to share a post on female orgasms for reference - material here has been compiled from internet sources as well as from personal experience. Much has been written on this topic, but many articles tend focus on specific techniques or body parts and fewer on more fundamental underlying principles behind the female orgasm.

Thus, in this article, we attempt to take a more holistic approach in identifying some universal principles and guidelines that can help in achieving and enhancing the female orgasm.

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