An overview & quickstart

In exploring meditative sensual massage, I'd like to cover some topics that will be helpful to get us up and running quickly. After all, we learn best by actually experiencing it!

First, I'll cover the critical components for a successful session and lay down the outline of topics we will be covering over subsequent posts.


1. Environment - A cool, comfortable room with dim lighting and pleasant scent will help to set the stage for exploration and put the mind at ease. Background light music or white noise such as rain, waves or nature can also help to enhance the experience.

2. Mindset - It's not about sex. There shouldn't be any objective other than mutual comfort, acceptance and exploration. Focus on observation and appreciation of your partner, the environment and input from all your senses; then slowly work from there.

While sex and/or orgasms may occur, it is not an objective in itself but rather, something that flows naturally as the session progresses. It may not occur, and that's cool too.

More advanced meditation components can come at a later date.

3. Massage - This is the gateway to sensual and sensory experimentation, learning how to give a good, slow, relaxing massage will help open avenues for further exploratory play.


For massage, my key suggestions would be to slow it down (it's a sensual massage and not simply a massage!), also to adjust the pressure for relaxation and comfort (no pain for beginners!). You can find many videos online on basic massage techniques to try out.

Other than that, a suggested massage progression for newbies would be - facedown: back (upper & lower), feet, calves, hamstring (back of thigh), inner thighs (tease but do not directly touch sexual organs); followed by lying on back: shoulders, neck & head (tease the ears), arms, chest & stomach, thighs and finally: exploration of the private and more sensitive parts of the body.

Go slow, always hold back and take the time to appreciate the moment and the connection being shared.

In subsequent articles, I will share more in-depth content based loosely around the following topics:
1. What is sensual massage?
2. Why sensual massage?
3. Massage basics
4. Difference between sensual massage and normal massages
5. A basic sensual massage session outline - part 1
6. G-spot, yoni massage & squirting - part 2
7. Orgasms
8. Post massage aftercare
9. Flow, mindfulness and sensual massage
10. What next? Other sensory play & mental components

Cheers, Mike