Welcome - Sense & sensuality shared


Hi Mike here. Sensual Massage is a passion for me - a passion I'd like to share with you!

Looking back, I've had the good fortune to share this experience with many, and, over the years, built up my own thoughts and approach to this art; a philosophy perhaps, on meditation, sensuality, even life and living it richly.

Unfortunately, a single person only has five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes a year (love that song!), packed with so much to do and experience. Recently due to high demand and constraints of personal life, I'm unable to connect as often as I would like.

As such I've started to think about searching and sharing, as a way to allow you and many, many others to be blessed; to enjoy the benefits and pleasures of meditative sensual massage.

Searching - finding like-minded people that appreciate this, especially the giver.
Sharing - showing a way to a greater appreciation while recognizing that I am also still on a journey of learning and discovery.

More content will be added soon - resources to refer to, guides and tips that help in exploring this amazing collaborative art; art that we experience with our entire bodies!

Like-minded individuals, please feel free to contact me - to learn, to exchange knowledge, to collaborate, to contribute articles and perhaps to experience the art of sensuality together!

Cheers, Mike