Workshop & Sharing Sessions:
Tantric & Sensual massage

Mon 5 Nov 2018 8:30pm

The pace of living in a modern city can be too fast for healthy mental and physical balance.

This session focuses on how tantric and sensual practices can help in stress management, relaxation, physical and mental re-centering that will help us to cope better with the vicissitudes of life.

As a partner activity, sensual massage also touches on how we can be better communicators and lovers, as well as learn valuable life skills on how to please and be pleased.

This session will be a 101 intro in a group that's respectful and open-minded. It is co-shared with both male and female perspectives so we'll also learn more about this from both gender's point of views - expect insightful, thought-provoking discussions with depth!

Date: Mon 5 Nov 2018
Time: 8:30pm to 11:00pm
Location: Private apartment near central part of Singapore - exact location released to confirmed participants on the day itself

Instructors: Mike & Tiara

Kink Level: Comfortable with nudity, partners will practice with each other.

Instructions to participants: Please bring your own yoga mat(s) as a base for you to lie down and practice on. You may also like to bring a sarong, towel or two for washing up (after) as well as to cover / keep warm body parts during the session.

8:30pm - Gather & mingle
9:00pm - Introduction & sharing session
1) Introduce the instructors and participants
2) What does sensual / tantric / yoni mean to you?
3) Why would I want to explore this? What are the benefits?
9:30pm - Demonstration & interaction & practice
4) Practical knowledge about how to begin exploring this (walkthrough)
5) Other tips & tricks & things to note
6) Q&A from the floor
11:00pm - Event end

Who should attend?
Open-minded, body-positive individuals interested in learning more about tantric and sensual massage.

Cost: $50 for couples, $40 gentlemen, $30 for ladies.

Registration & payment:
This event is a small, closed-door session with *very* limited availability - signup now!
Registration is only confirmed after payment has been received.
Registration is almost FULL - please do still signup online / indicate interest. If session is full, we will try to open up additional sessions and keep you informed.

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Further questions? Contact Mike on wechat / telegram: mtan8613 OR Tiara on kik: tiarabrookechen