Christmas is cumming, so should we!

Thu 29 Nov 2018 7:30pm till late

Idea! - Ties in red and green

Qn: What do you get when Christmas is coming and you put together several professional photographers, shibari enthusiasts, body-positive and adventurous friends?

Ans: We don’t know but we’re going make some amazing art together!

In the spirit of artistic endeavor and spreading love this season, we're planning to organise a Christmas themed kink photoshoot cum party!

Project Objective: Make art, make friends, spread body-positive messages, have fun!

Group Shot! We’d like to do an anonymous masked version of this.

This project will incorporate elements of shibari / lingerie / partial nude / full nude group shots with everyone participating in the creative process of making something cool to remember 2018 with!

We’ll have 2 or 3 professional photographers present, makeup / body paint artists (tentative) and we’re open to shooting individual and couples commemorative shots as part of the whole experience too.

Find the spark and make magic together!

Note: You must be comfortable being in artistic shots with a mask
(you’ll be anonymous and not identifiable - get your masks here)
* Group photos will be consolidated and made available to everyone for sharing under creative commons
* Individual and couples photos - dependent on private arrangement w photographers, but payment may be required if you do not want these photos to be released as part of the main group set

Date: Thu 29 Nov 2018
Time: 7:30pm till late
Location: Central part of Singapore

Make it rain, dear! ;)

Things to note / QnA:
* It’s a Christmas theme! Please bring props suitable for this theme - red and green colors, Christmas lights, caps etc.

* You don’t need to be a model to take part in this! We want to spread body-positive messages so showing people with natural bodies comfortable with who we are is perfectly fine & great

* If you’re wondering whether there will be any sex during this event - making art and the shoot is the primary focus, however, as we encourage body and sex-positivity, anything could happen later in the night between consenting individuals or groups of individuals.

* Why are we doing this end-Nov? We need time for our dear photographers to process the images and have them ready for us before Christmas!

Cost: It’s not commercial, we’re all doing this together! Host will cover as much of location costs as possible, photographers / makeup artists are doing this for free. We suggest perhaps contributing $20 per couple and a bottle of wine or other alcohol to be shared amongst participants.

Interested to be a part of this? Further questions?
Contact: Mike on wechat / telegram: mtan8613
Contact: Pothos on telegram: Pothosd